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Detax Blue Eco light blue – Shore A 86

The Blue Eco putty from Detax in light blue is a softer putty than the blue eco stone putty from Detax. This Shore A 86 hardness putty is based on an addition base and easy to knead into a homogeneous lab putty.

The blue eco has a very high and easily kneadable consistency. Detax Blue eco is very accurate in detail, shape and volume stable, smooth and has a heat-resistant up to 200 °C.

The standard hardness of the Blue Eco is Shore A 86. The hard variant is the  Blue Eco Stone.

The Blue Eco Stone and normal is very easy to cut and has perfect mechanical properties. For versatile use (safe fixation of artificial teeth, prefabs, control bites, models, isolation of teeth in cuvettes, etc.). High economy, optimal mixing control through contrast colours.

Brand: Detax
Type: Hard putty knead silicone
Mixed color: light blue
Color: Basic light blue, Catalyst white
Mixing ratio: 1:1


Set 1.6 kg (800 A + 800B)
Art. no.: 02038

Set 10 kg (5 kg A + 5 kg B)
Art. no.: 02467

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