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Detaseal function, Detax, precision impression material

The well-known Detaseal® function from Detax is a very accurate impression material for functional impressions. This Detaseal Function is an addition-curing silicone putty for edge finishing. The detaseal function has a smooth and supple consistency, is easy to mould well retaining, shape and volume.

The Detaseal Function from Detax is characterized by optimal mixing control thanks to contrasting colors with a defined plastic phase and extended setting time in the mouth. This silicone product is a medical device classification class 1.

Package contents: 2 x 80 mil (base + catalyst) + syringe
Set Contents: 2 x 80 ml
Colour: base red, catalyst yellow
Mixing ratio: 1:1
Setting: regular
Mixing time: 30 sec.
Processing time: 180 sec.
Time in mouth: 210 sec.
Class: class 1, medical
Dosage: 1:1
Article number: 02521


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