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Dental Dublicating gel, 6 kg bucket

The Dental Duplicate gel

Dental Duplicating gel is a high-quality elastic and reversibly duplicating material for dental use The fine flowing duplicating gel is suitable for investment materials (plaster and phosphate bonded)and dental gypsum. Dental Duplicating gel is a reversible fabricated hydrocolloid with a high quality of natural ingredients and stabilizing substances. Preservatives protect this Dental Duplicating Gel against fungal attacks and guarantee a long shelf life when used correctly.

For the production of duplicated models made of gypsum, gypsum bonded investments or phosphate bonded investment, use this high quality Duplicate gel.

The surface of the mold does not need to be treated with a special release agent. The dental duplicating gel is very fluid, stable and the edges of the model are finely defined. The surface of the duplicated model is very smooth. The Dental Duplicating gel is also suitable for producing refractory models for casting frames.

  • Available packaging 6 Kg
  • Melting temperature is 93 ° C
  • Pouring temperature is 50 ° C
  • The Dental Duplicate Gel can also be melted in the microwave, 2 minutes at approximately 800 W before

First clean the duplicating gel under running water and then cut into small pieces. Then fill the gel boiler (duplicating device) with this pieces of duplicating gel (do not refill water).

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