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Denture Base Disc – KeyMill

The KeyMill Denture Base discs are familiar with the milling process for the digital manufacture of the denture base. The trusted Diamond D formula with the innovative milling process for the prostheses using the CAD / CAM systems. Experience the ease, speed and economy of milling with the beauty and power of Diamond D. The final product is a prosthetic base with superior flexural strength, impact resistance, natural aesthetics and patient comfort.

These high-impact acrylic discs can be perfectly and precisely milled for denture-based applications, without the material melting during production. The final product is extremely strong, vibrant and aesthetic, with minimal finishing or polishing.


High impact prosthesis, less brittle and more break resistant than PMMA prosthetic discs
Very aesthetic
Minimal finishing required
Compatible with 4-axis and 5-axis milling machines such as VHF, Roland, Imes-Icore and more
CE Marked, Health Canada Approved, and 510 (k) Approved

About Diamond D®
Since its introduction in 2003, Diamond D® has become one of the world’s leading high impact acrylic prostheses. Laboratories and dentists alike rely on Diamond D’s superior strength and natural fiber colors to provide patients with a premium, break-resistant prosthetic product.

Denture Base discs available in the following sizes:

  • Denture Base Disc LRP / 30mm – Light Reddish Pink
  • Denture Base Disc LRP / 25mm – Light Reddish Pink
  • Denture Base Disc Orig / 30mm – Original
  • Denture Base Disc Orig / 25mm – Original



KeyMill High-Impact Denture Base Disc

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