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Scan spray Matscan 3D, Matcon 400 ml

The CAD/CAM scan spray is a very high quality Anti-reflection spray for optimal CAD/CAM scan results. Thanks to the fine grain structure, the Scan spray from Matcon provides good measurement results and scan definition in 3D scanning techniques within the dental sector. By mattifying surfaces with this scan spray, black parts, shiny reflective parts (such as various metals) and transparent parts after matt spraying are again clearly visible and definable for the dental scanners and CAD software. Due to the fine-grained structure, it is possible to apply even very thin layers so that the workpieces can be easily scanned on the smallest detail. The Matscan from Matscon is a scan spray that is widely used in dentistry.

The matscan Matcon is ideal for matting of, for example, dental models, elements, prostheses, bars or implants.

The Matscan spray is sold separately as well as per tray of 12 pieces.

Content: bottle 400 ml.
Packaging: Aerosol
Outer box: 12 aerosols, 400 ml.
Product type: Scan spray
Brand: Matscan


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