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Multilayer Ultra High Translucent, ZircoStar UTML, Kerox

The Ultra High Translucent Multilayer UTML from Kerox is an extremely high translucent translucent zirconia material for the digital fabrication of dental restorations. The UTML is an extremely high translucent blanc for the aesthetics of natural teeth. This highly translucent cad/cam blank has a much higher final strength of 746 MPa and the light transmittance and aesthetics than lithium disilicate. The ultra high translucent multilayer is optimal for full anatomical constructions and veneers due to the high density of this material. The Miltilayer has an undefined number of layers with natural transition of gradient colors, from cervical to incisal, and high translucency for an aesthetic that is natural and lifelike.

Ultra High Translucent Multilayer (UTML)

   Applications : full anatomic facings,
   Kan ook gebruikt worden voor een 3-delige brug
   High Ttranslucentie and high strength

   Easy to mill

Size: Ø 98,3 with step, Ø 95 (ZirkonZahn), Ø 71 (Amann Girrbach)
Thickness: 14 mm & 20 mm
Color possibilities: Pre shades: A1, A2, A3, B2, D2
Strength: 746  MPa
Applications: volledige anatomische structuren, facings, front en  3-delige brug

Fracture toughness: 4,67  MPam1/2
Flexural strength: 746 MPa
Radioactivity: 9 Bq/ug
CTE: 9,6×10¯⁶×1⁰C
Glass transition temperature not below: 1400C

Bulk Density: 6.05 g/cm3
ZrO2+HfO2+Y2O3: 99,8%
Type product: zirconia
Type II. Class 5 (ISO 6872:2015)



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