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Gilstone Synthese Stone plaster Class 4 (Dental frame)

The Gilstone is a synthetic stone plaster which is mainly used in frame work. You are guaranteed a smooth and scratch-resistant surface for your model. A model made with Gilstone is also hard and has good edge stability. These properties make it also suitable for saw and control models. You get a processing time of 5 minutes and a setting time of 10 minutes when you maintain the mixing ratio of 100 grams to 23 milliliters of water. The Gilstone is available at Schouten Dental in the colors white and pink and in a 25 kg bag.

Weight: 25 kg
Application: Dental frames
Plaster type: Synthesis
Mixing ratio: 100gr: 23ml
Processing time (approx.): 5 min.
Drying time (approx.): 10 min.
Expansion after 2 hours: 0.10%
Expansion after 24 hours: 0.08%
Hardness (HB) after 2 hours: 120
Hardness (HB) after 24 hours: 170
Color: Pink, White


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