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BB Compact UV polymerization box for 3D prints

The BB Curebox is a post curing unit for curing 3D prints. This Polymerization unit has UV emitters at wavelengths of 365nm and 405nm. This BB curing unit is available in different sizes and all have 360° polymerization for many different types of resins.

These cure systems have WiFi so that you can read the status of the program with an app. The removable basket means there is no mechanical installation. There is a menu structure with 3 selectable choices for complex, standard or fine detail prints.

The BB Compact is the smallest post cure unit from the BB series. In addition to the BB Compact, the larger variants are:

MM Midi Plus – (internal dimension 200 x 200 x 190mm)
BB Cure XL – (internal dimension 520 x 520 x 340 mm)

  • 145 x 145 x 120mm
  • 24 x hi-power 5W LED emitters
  • 360° polymerization
  • WiFi
  • TFT touch screen

Technical data:

External dimensions: 320X330XH246
Curing chamber dimensions: 145X145XH120
Emitter type: hi-power LED 5W
Number of Emitters: 24
Irradiance system: OmniRay 360°
Irradiance frequencies: 2
Emission centralization: 1 365nm – λ2 405nm
Emission gap: +/- 20nm
Total emitter power: 120W
Emission control: 16 bit PWM controller
Heating system: Eco passive
Heating control: 6x PID controller
Management: 16bit IDM processor
Interface: 2.4” TFT touch screen
Connectivity: 2.4Ghz WiFi
Power supply: External
Power supply voltage: 110-230V 6-4A 50-60Hz

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